Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dion's Three Types of Blogs

Michele Dion over at La Profesora Abstraida has created a taxomony of academic blogs, dividing them into three types:

"1. Non-anonymous blogs that usually focus on public issues with only occasional mention of personal events (the birth of a baby, maybe a movie). Would any of these really hurt an academic on the job market? According to Ivan Tribble, yes. But it shouldn't be so.
2. Anonymous blogs by academics that usually focus on personal rants, pets, and strange goings-ons, but that have little academic content. There's a reason these are anonymous.
3. Anonymous blogs that blend #2 with #1, and here, I'm thinking specifically of Bitch, PhD."

As with other taxonomies, this one could be further sub-divided, I think. For example, I notice that many of the other academic blogs at the Truth Laid Bear Academy Community tend to focus nearly-exclusively on current political events, whereas my blog has only occasional forays into this area ... and even then tends to focus on broader, more nuos oriented issues, such as in movie reviews and my discussion of fetishizing text in the Supreme Court decisions (a post that's more about textual critique than law).

Nevertheless, my blog seems to fit firmly into the first category. My traffic and links tend to come mostly from medievalists, and occasionally those interested in poetry. That poetry bit is a mystery, since I'm not a poet myself and the only discussion of poetry I can remember is a discussion of Rosie O'Donnell's website. Maybe poets just like to get a little respect from us more prosey-types.

Hat tip to the Public Brewery.

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