Friday, July 08, 2005

Least Plausible Actors in the Role of Ph.D.

Jonathan V. Last has a review of Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, and War of the Worlds here that I disagree with in terms of Batman Begins, but can't comment on the others as I've not seen them.

What amuses me is his running list of "Least Plausible Actors in the Role of Ph.D." I always laugh when an actor in his lower twenties is given the role of the Ph.D. in a film. I would like to add an honorable mention to his list: In the film Chain Reaction, Keanu Reeves plays a research assistant/machinist. I had trouble believing that Reeves could do either in-depth intellectual work or hard manual labor. He has to be honorable mention, though, since his character is technically not a Ph.D.

Now, if they had him in a role selling styling gel at the mall, that I'd buy. Er, the role, not the gel.

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