Friday, July 29, 2005

The Mental Perils of Blogging

If you notice the times of my posts, you'll realize that while I might blog at any time of the day, I tend to blog most heavily early in the morning and late at night. This is because I don't want blogger to interfere with some of the more intellectually rigorous parts of my day, so I only blog when my brain isn't being used for something else. Whenever I blog in the middle of the day, it tends to be a very good or very bad sign; either I have gotten a solid bit of work done and am taking a break, or I'm unable to get anything done and am trying to get my brain in gear through other activities (usually strategy computer games or blogging).

But the real peril of blogger so early in the morning and late at night is that sometimes blogging gets into my dreams. Last night, I dreamt I got onto Digital Medievalist and Lisa Spangenberg's post welcoming me, and found that in the comments section several dozen people had written to disagree with MacAllister Stone's description of my blog as "cool." Their descriptions (in my dream) were marked by profane negative appraisals of the blog.

The scary part is that, if the dream were true, it would mean that I have more readers than I actually have in real life! The meaning of the dream, Dr. Freud? Never eat a Reeses peanut butter cup just before bed, no matter how delicious it looks.

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