Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Virtual Post

When I got home from the office at 11PM last night, the wife announced that we were going to New Orleans for a few days, so I'll not likely be blogging for a bit. By the way, if any thieves are reading this and hoping to rob the place, you have two obstacles: we've got nothing worth robbing (unless you know a fence who specializes in kimchi and used books), and our housesitters. Oh, yes, and the dogs might not bite you, but you are in danger of being peed on.

So, since I won't be posting in the meantime, I leave for you a virtual posting. You may simply insert the relevant passages:

The blogosphere is aflame about the topic of [insert topic here]. While my law-and-politics professor brethren (and sistren) have argued [insert summary here, with relevant links], what they fail to realize is [insert light needling here, with a wink and a nudge].

I had not planned to post on this topic, but one of the main threads of argument seems to be around [insert topic relating to textual scholarship or medieval literature]. Others have argued [insert summary and link here] is true, but I think in many ways it is both true and false. On the surface, it is true, but at the heart of it it is false, because [insert argument about textual scholarship or medieval lit here]. As one important personage wrote, [insert literary quote here]. I think that about sums it up.

[Close either with droll comment, or comment on nature of public intellectualism]

I ask my readers to feel free to create new posts according to this rubric and place them in the comments section of this thread, so that other visitors can get my virtual opinion on things.

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  1. I came here via Sharon at Early Modern Notes, as it is my habit to explore random links as presented. I find your blog interesting, and was especially taken by your virtual post. Hopefully, this concept will not destroy blogging!