Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Beowulf and Motion Capture

Speaking of Beowulf movies, DKP over at The Lemmings Were Pushed has some trepidations about the upcoming non-Lambert Beowulf film, particularly about the use of motion capture for the special effects.


  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement, no need really. I have to admit, though, I was trying to bait you into posting your thoughts on the project. ;) <-- note use of annoying yet expected emoticon.

  2. I have great hopes for both the film version of Beowulf and this Boardgame version of the tale as well.

    On a serious note, I dearly miss the use of models and stop motion animation in films. I just rewatched Star Trek: The Slow Motion Picture the other day. And while it was still excruciatingly slow paced, the use of models for the spacecraft held up amazingly well. If only I could say the same for Episode I, which is less than a decade old and already looks mildly hokey.

    Give me Harryhausen anyday. I still watch Jason and the Argonauts, flawed as it is, at least once a year just to watch the "teeth of the Hydra" rise from the grave. Big time Harryhausen fans will notice a similarity between the score of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and North by Northwest. Same composer, but Sinbad came first.

    The Polar Express people freaked me out, so I too have concerns regarding the EFX in Beowulf, but having enjoyed the effects in LotR I am willing to stay my judgement.