Thursday, September 01, 2005

Painters needed!

Troy University is trying to prepare a house for a refugee family here in the community ... but it needs to be painted! The University is providing the paint and the brushes (I think), so all we need are more hands.

If you are in the Troy area, come to 312 Corman (behind Regions bank) after 5PM tonight in old clothes. Even if you don't have a great deal of experience in painting, many hands make for light work!


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  2. Update:
    I just got back from the session painting and repairing a house for the refugees. In addition to some of our staff led by Cameron Martindale and Jean Laliberte, we also had dozens of students from Troy University working there. Many hands made for light work, and it seemed to me they did a really good job.

    I should also note that among the students were large contingents from the women's soccer team and tennis team. The International Student Cultural Organization turned out later in the evening, with large contingents from Kenya, China, and Japan. Also, a special thanks to two of my own students, Katrina Farris and Kim White, for answering my last-minute e-mail and lending a hand.