Friday, September 30, 2005

Tolkien Fans and Professionalism

Over at The One Ring, a Tolkien fan site, "N.E. Brigand" has a post about the discussion Drout and I have been having about rejuvenating literary studies. I'm a little surpised they are interested in the subject, but here's the link.

By the way, Blogroll and Trackbacks haven't been working right today, so my apologies for any inconvenience.


  1. Over at the One Ring there are a bunch of amateurs (as well as some academics-we don't discriminate) trying hard to understand lots of things. And we also try to talk about them; it's a great place for a conversation. But amateurs often have a difficult time with literary-analysis jargon, as you note in your Sept. 26 entry here: "While Literary Cant prevents our already overcrowded publishing arena from being overrun by amateurs, it also creates many academics who simply cannot communicate with amateurs".

    Well, perhaps I turned that around, your point being academics can't communicate with us, and mine being that amateurs can't understand academic jargon. But the end result is quite similar. Less jargon, more accessibility. More jargon, less understanding.

    Nevertheless, we persevere in trying to understand. You may be surprised at the amount of time Tolkien fans spend in talking about literary things, but you probably shouldn't be.

  2. Er, yeah ... apparently you posted your comments at about the same time I posted mine. You can find them above, or by going to the perma-link at:

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