Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Rant

Enough of academics and literature -- here are two things that tick me off about Halloween:

1. "Kids" who are clearly in high school (or older!) treat-or-treating. If you are old enough that you drove yourself to my house, GET A JOB! If you are old enough that you shaved before donning your costume, BUY YOUR OWN CANDY! In my neighborhood, we always run out of candy. They are literally taking candy from babies when you come to the neighborhood and exhaust the candy supply. I always shame the kids and refuse to give to them. Even though they didn't get candy at my house, they must be getting it from somewhere or else they would give up. Next year, please, everyone join me in refusing and shaming them, so maybe eventually they'll quit.

2. Kids who show up without a costume, or even an attempt at a costume. No matter how little money we had when I was little (remember that I was trick-or-treating during the Carter years, so it was sometimes lean), I always had a costume. One year I took a milk jug, cut it and colored it, added a bent wire coathanger, and made myself an alien mask. At least make some effort to have a costume ... use markers to draw cat whiskers on your face or something. Dress in Mommy and Daddy's oversized clothes. Put a bag over your head and go as "Scary Bag-Over-the -Head Man!" All I'm asking is that you make some gesture toward dressing up. If you aren't in costume, you aren't trick-or-treating; you're just begging.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to raid the children's candy supply now that they're asleep.


  1. My neighborhood, at least our portion of it, is basically dead with regards to Halloween. We had maybe ten doorbell rings all night. And there were almost no little kids; they were mostly tweens and teenagers. My guess is everyone's too paranoid these days to let the little ones beg for candy. A shame, really.

    Bright side, though, is that my family now has a whole bag full of candy to chomp on for the next few weeks. (I mean, you can't NOT buy much, because that, of course, would be the year when the treat-or-treaters return in droves.)

  2. E Carnell10:32 AM

    Yes, same issues with my neighborhood - and I'd like to add that those roving packs of teenagers are loud, rowdy, and actually push past the little kids to get to the door first. I was a parent wandering with two small children last night, not passing out the goodies. I suppose we should all be glad I didn't start beating them off with my handy plastic flashlight (as it would have broken the flashlight, no doubt), though the temptation to do so was staggering - my three-year-old was almost tumbled down steps on more than one occasion. My corollary to this phenom is the plain-clothes adults trick or treating with an infant sleeping in a stroller - yeah, because the 4 month old will be digging into the laffy taffy any day soon. Riiiight.

    When I was a kid trick-or-treating through the mid-to-later 70s we hand-made every costume as the store-bought variety were much too rich for our blood. I was a princess once (an old set of curtains), a hobo more than once (my Dad's clothes and burnt cork all over my face. so not PC, I know), a raisin (garbage bad), pirate (a home-made costume my Dad wore as a kid), a 50s-style greaser (complete with box rolled in the sleeve to simulate cigarettes, more non-PC. an undershirt and my own blue jeans) I grew older I helped my younger sister with costumes, the finest of which was painting a cardboard box like a box of jell-o (with arm and head holes). I have to admit, that as a parent myself I only have a 50/50 track record on buying and making (my sewing machine is busted, and consignment stores make it easier to be a harried working Mom).

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