Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney -- Champion of the Common Man

I was delighted to hear that Dick Cheney had shot a billionaire in a hunting accident. I think we all know this for what it really is: The Most Dangerous Game.

Usually, though, it is billionaires doing the hunting in The Most Dangerous Game (though occasionally it is vactioning aliens). Finally, a representative of the people stands up for the Common Man and hunts down the billionaires.

Look out, Bill Gates. Cheney might be coming for you next ... but perhaps he'll be sporting and give you a six hour head start.


  1. Thomas Elrod2:17 PM

    Since Cheney is also a billionaire, wouldn't this qualify as some type of new, semi-cannibalistic form of the Most Dangerous Game? (I'm not suggested that Cheney actually eats the men he shoots, but would it really surprise anybody if he did?)

  2. Nick of Nowhere10:00 PM

    Some of the best lines I have heard about this are as follows:

    Now that Cheney has a taste for blood, will he go on a shooting spree?

    Now that Cheney has street cred, he is going to make a rap album.

    And paraphrasing from a rustic hunter, "Cheney didn't do nothin' wrong, it should always be open season on lawyers."

  3. Billionare?
    Hell, I'm just glad he gave a lawyer his come-uppance.

  4. what's the fine for shooting a lawyer, anyway?

  5. cagey11:03 PM

    Isn't there a Francis McComber thing here? I mean Dick got to hunt game bigger (finally) than a Quail. & his annoying wife is nowhere to be found.