Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In Defense of the Trojans

Eugene Volokh over at The Volokh Conspiracy asks this question about USC:
So why does USC name its team after losers? And not only that, but why did the
Trojans lose? Because they were dumb and gullible.

Though Volokh has really called damnation on his head with this one, I'll be restrained in my response, and just point out that every medieval king worth his salt traced his lineage back to Troy. They did, after all, found the Roman Empire (mythologically, anyway).

Besides, everyone knows that USC aren't the real Trojans. Troy University has the real Trojans. USC Trojans are just poseurs -- not a Hector among 'em.

There ... now I've linked the phrase "real Trojans" to Troy University's homepage three times. That ought to raise our Google profile. I've done my civic duty.

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  1. As a Trojan, I must correct you when you claim there is not a Hector among the men of Southern California.

    If you were referring to Hector in a metaphoric sense, I would naturally point to Matt Leinart who stayed to his full athletic eligibility (even though he had completed his necessary course work).

    That said, I make no claim that USC are the only "real Trojans." Anyone who has read the Aeneid knows that there was a Trojan diaspora. Who's to say that it is impossible that some Trojans found comfort in the green forests of Alabama, while others moved to Southern California where the arid climate is more similar to that of their home?