Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speaking of links...

... I also got a lot of traffic today from the discussion boards of NDNation, a site dedicated to Notre Dame and its alumni. Since I'm from northern Indiana originally (Starke County, for those who know the region), it's kind of nice to know that folks from back home are keeping an eye on me out here. Otherwise, my only Notre Dame connection is that I took a summer medieval Latin course there, taught by Frank Mantello from Catholic University (He is not to be blamed for the quality of my Latin).

As a tangent, Notre Dame has the best cafeteria food of any university I've dined at. They charged me something like $7 or $8 admission, as I recall, but it was worth every penny. That summer I ate only one meal a day, lunch at the cafeteria, and gained quite a bit of weight. If I ever got hired to teach at Notre Dame, I'd be morbidly obese in under a year.

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