Friday, March 10, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Season Finale

It looks like I got the Dido storyline backwards in this post, when I wrote:
By the way, following the Aeneid storyline, the trailer for the season
finale looks like the fleet is going to find Carthage (a habitable planet) and
be tempted to stay. The real question is who will stay behind on Carthage, who
will go on to Rome (Earth), and who will be Dido (whom I predict will die in a
nuclear blast visible to the questors in space as they are leaving)?

The writers inverted the Aeneid story, with Dido (the Pegasus Six) burning herself on the pyre (suicide by nuke) as the refugees went to Carthage (New Caprica), and the pyre (radiation signature) being visible from the sea (past the ion field) by the Cylons, not the humans heading off to Earth.

So, frustrated that you're going to have to wait until fall for the new season? Channel those frustrations into reading Virgil's Aeneid, and get some clues as to where the writers are taking us.


  1. I think I'm going to go insane waiting for October. It was just... wow. As someone on a message board said, "I don't know whether they just jumped the shark or catapulted into greatness." I think it's the latter, because I trust the talent-level of the actors and production people, but even if it's the former, I can't wait to find out!

    And the inverted Aeneid thing is interesting. I've read the Aeneid, though, and... well, I think I'll wait a few more years to reread it.

  2. It is as if the seige of Troy and the Aeneid are occuring simultaneaously, and as you said, backwards. We've already sought the golden bough (arrow of Apollo) and seen the cosmological lineage of the human race (both its past and future on Earth). All the while, the Greeks keep coming.

    Imagine: what if Turnus had defeated Aeneas, forcing him to return home and fight his way back through the Greek armies to rebuild the originial Troy?

    After all, it's not so much a translatio imperii as it is a re-establishment of origins (since the founders of the 12 colonies were originally from Earth). In that case, maybe the soujourn of the human race is a Trojan version of the Odyssey (hey, we've already invoked the other two epics, why not make it a trilogy). I wonder who we will find occupying Ithaca/Earth?

    Maybe that's the beauty of BSG: it's taken all three epics and jumbled their storylines. Just when you think you've figured out the literary precedent, the writer's decide to jump track.

    And now that I've thouroughly distracted myself, I have lost all hope of being productive this morning.

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  4. Just remembered something else form the Aeneid: the Trojans set up a colony on Crete first. But then a big plague came from the gods because they were destined to found Rome. Pretty close to what happened in the finale; they settled on a planet and it totally sucked and now the Cylons have come because they didn't do as they were destined to and find Earth.

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  6. This turned out to be a horrible time to become a BSG fan. I taped the finale, but it stopped recording as the cylons walked into Baltar's office. Did I miss much?

    Thanks for the insights into the storyline. Six doesn't make a very sympathetic Dido.