Sunday, September 17, 2006

About Medieval History

As regular readers of this space know, while I'm a friend of medieval history, I'm not a friend of excessive intrusion of history into literature, especially of the You-Can't-Understand-Chaucer-Unless-You-Understand-the-Peasants'-Revolt variety. Nevertheless, I'm pleased that the Wordhoard has been included in the short list of blogs at the Medieval History page.

It's not really a history page, but rather a gateway into general medieval studies links. If you follow the links through "Arts, Literature, and Music" to "Literature and Poetry," you get a set of links that is not exhaustive by any means, but can link you to some of the better sites, like the Camelot Project, Peter Baker's Beowulf sound files, etc. Interestingly, there are more links listed to Arthurian sites (52) than all the other literary sites combined (37), and there are only two links to general Old English literature, both of which appear to be dead links. Nevertheless, if you were a high school student looking to do some research for a paper, there could be worse places to start. The trick would be in culling out the bad sources from the good -- still, better than a Google search would be.

By the way, I rather like their "This Date in Medieval History" link. Poor Hildegard of Bingen died on this day in 1179 ... and we still mourn her.

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  1. Mourn her? Shoot--some of us ask her to pray for us... ;-)