Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yes, We Are Nice, Thank You

Highly Eccentric over at Atol is Þin Unseon has had several interesting posts lately. She asks, for example, if being an Anglo-Saxonist makes you a nice person -- and as I am an Anglo-Saxonist, the answer is self-evident. She also offers a little summary of the Old English Consolation of Philosophy and why it is important.

Perhaps that's why Anglo-Saxonists are all nice; we are all properly consoled by philosophy.


  1. i guess that means my summary isn't a total dog's breakfast... which is a good sign. Merci, m'sieur.

    as I am an Anglo-Saxonist, the answer is self-evident
    i was going to mention your open-table lunchroom metaphorical policy, but i decided an entry devoted solely to praising Dan had more thematic unity. or something.

  2. Not only are we nice, we are also thematically unified.

  3. possibly thematic unity is also a product of being consoled by philosophy.

    although, if the Consolation is to blame for the niceness of Anglo-Saxonists, then by extension late antique/early medieval latinists should *also* be nice, along with historians of medieval education generally...

    actually, that theory does hold water. our local medieval education specialist around here, John O Ward, is an unboundedly lovely man.