Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back, and as Charming as Ever

I've be out of town for the last day-and-a-half, but I'm back now, just in time to see that Highly Eccentric has been doing work on Anglo-Saxon charms -- a subject I just happen to know a little bit about, having written a dissertation on the subject.

I would have liked to refer her to the book Curing Elf-shot and Other Mysterious Maladies: New Scholarship on Old English Charms, edited by K.A. Laity and yours truly, except that a certain publisher (who will go unnamed) is holding on to the dang thing, so it's not yet in print. Dangnabit.

FYI, oh Unnamed Publisher -- I took another book from conception to print (well, it will soon be in print, anyway) in the time since we completed rough editing this first book.


  1. I bet I can name the unnamed publisher....

  2. I try not to think about it except when I'm in a rather pensive state. I'm going to have another manuscript done soon and probably published elsewhere (naturally) -- two if you include the short story collection. Argh.

    Can we flog it elsewhere with the caveat that it's currently under review with one press? You can't do that in the fiction field (unless you're snagging agents), but -- ah, I suppose we have to wait. Should I press him again? Has anything come out from them lately? Has anyone checked for a pulse?

  3. Thanks! The dratted essay is now hideously late and still unfinished, but on the bright side it did allow me to weigh in on today's beekeeping frenzy.

    I had a look on your university home page and got all exitified about that book, until a friend who is doing her PHD on charms pointed out that it was unpublished. (She expresses great dissatisfaction if anyone mentions you, since she had until recently been planning to title her thesis "Anglo-Saxon Charms In Their Manuscript Contexts". Having realised that your thesis stole that title, she's now title-less. Apparenly Elves! Elves! Elves!: A Serious Thesis About Anglo-Saxon Charms doesn't cut it!)