Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Modern Medieval: Call for Contributors

Do you hate the Unlocked Wordhoard, and think you could do a better job? Do you find yourself constantly commenting on the medievalist blogs of others, but your own blog is either nonexistent or devoted to pictures of your cat? Would you like to start your own medievalist blog, but don't think you have enough to say to post semi-daily? Well, here's your chance!

Matthew Gabriele over at Modern Medieval has posted a call for contributors. As he describes the role:
[T]he interested party (or parties) would post irregularly to [Modern Medieval] on topics related to its main themes. Ideally, contributor(s) would be fellow professional medievalists, although that would include those in grad school or others who have advanced training but aren't currently academics.

Many of you regular Wordhoarders would be perfect for this. Give it a try, contribute a post or two, and see how it goes. The more of us chattering away in our community, the better.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. If anyone's interested, please do think about emailing me to express interest. I don't e-bite.