Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In Which My 2nd Life Is as Annoying as my 1st

So, one of the things we're doing for my interdisciplinary class is meeting once in Second Life. Besides the hip, experimental nature of the whole thing, we actually have a reason: we're looking at how identities are constructed/mediated by technology. The 2nd Life meeting will follow watching eXistenZ and The Thirteenth Floor, as well as reading Jekyll & Hyde, "A Cyborg Manifesto," and any number of other minor texts. In other words, we're not just getting together to play Sims.

All this means that I've had to learn about 2nd Life -- and so far as I can tell, after several hours spent online, there are only two activities going on in 2nd Life: Virtual clubbing, and selling crap to other people for virtual clubbing.

I find this especially annoying because I had hoped to find medievalist activities going on. Now, supposedly there are medieval/fantasy-themed roleplaying groups, but they either have their events at such times that make me suspect they are based in Europe, or they aren't meeting at all. Last night, for example, I went to a "Renaissance" themed event, which turned out to be virtual clubbing by people dressed in Ren-style clothing. They were friendly, but not what I thought I was going to.

Has the medievalist community really not broken into 2nd Life, or am I just looking in the wrong places?


  1. It's that Second Life is so five minutes ago!


  2. I have looked at second life a couple times and I can't really figure out how it works. I guess I don't play enough video games and I've never done SIMS, so no wonder I'm lost.

    Anyway, I hear the Episcopal Church has set up a Cathedral on "Epiphany Island" so you can take you class to a church service. I'm sure they will find that so much more interesting than clubbing. ;-)

  3. You need a "Second Life" that is oh so 800 years ago.

  4. There's more to Second Life than clubbing. But it takes some patience and a few false turns before you find what you are looking for.

    I keep looking for you when I'm online, but haven't seen you yet...

  5. cappy7:11 PM

    Medieval roleplaying in Second Life? No, you're thinking of World of Warcraft. ;)

    Seriously, just hand out a bunch of 10-day free passes to everyone and watch 'em go nuts (in a medieval setting).