Thursday, January 03, 2008

Morning ... er, EVENING Medieval Miscellany

I'm getting off to a late start on my Morning Medieval Miscellany. My son fell asleep in my office while reading the Spiderwick Chronicles this morning, so I used the quiet time to produce some writing that requires a good deal more concentration. A bit of the Miscellany is old, having built up when I was in my Chi-Rho-Mas* cyberwilderness.

*That's X-mas, with an inside joke for medievalists, who know that X-mas was not a proto-Festivus aggressive secularization of Christmas, but was instead a typical scribal abbreviation of "Christ" in manuscripts, with the Greek Chi-Rho (which I can't figure out how to reproduce in Blogger) truncated down to "X".


  1. As successful as my trebuchet was, you'll be pleased to know that I doubt it could put a dent in the Fisher-Price castle--although I'll bet it could chuck one of those Little People at least 25 feet.

  2. That sounds like the subject matter of a lost Mythbusters episode!

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    There's one important thing that the BBC article omits: famine. In the best of times, the diet sounds approximately right, although poorer peasants would not have been able to afford that much ale, weak or not. But crop yields weren't nearly that reliable.

  4. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Not sure if this'll work in Blogspot comments -- but try this: Χ Ρ.

    Or: ☧

    And some related stories on the medieval diet appeared in The Telegraph and The Guardian, too.