Friday, January 25, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Hooray! I'm finally catching up with things! I should complete my White House Fellow application by the end of the day, and finally make some progress on some internal grant writing. Until then:
  • Jonathan Jarrett discusses unbelief vs. false beliefs in medieval and contemporary contexts.
  • Henchminion muses about possible connections between medieval lepers and zombies.
  • Heroic Dreams has a review of Medieval Seige Warfare -- which, believe it or not, is a book and not a computer strategy game. I've noticed trebuchets and catapults on the TV a lot lately; what's with all the sudden interest?
  • In the Middle has a post about the best-dressed medievalists. Ironically, when I arrived in class today without a bowtie, one of the students protested, and after a bit of discussion he decided that he couldn't learn as well without my tweed & bowtie combo.
  • Medieval Material Culture had a flurry of links over the last couple of days.
  • Highly Eccentric has declared Archbishop Wulfstan of York the person of the year. This is what I get for waiting so long to respond to my meme-tag; someone has stolen my guy! I suppose here's where I should come out of the closet: I actually have a World of Warcraft character named Wulfstan, who is loosely based off this historical person.
  • The Heroic Age directs us to the "Alfred the Great: Warfare, Wealth and Wisdom" exhibit to be held in Winchester 2 Feb - 27 April. Larry Swain also directs us to a 10-minute video of the opening of a Roman coffin, which I've embedded below. Just in case you're wondering, Indiana Jones does not swoop in with fedora and bullwhip to steal it at the end.
  • Back in the States, the Medieval Club of New York announces the presentation of a delicious-sounding paper February 15th: "The Saint and the Chopped-Up Baby: Shaping the Image of St. Vincent Ferrer."
  • I normally don't print links sent to me by commercial enterprises, but International Listings has the Top 25 Most Beautiful Castles in the World. The only one I've ever visited is Casa Loma. Note that this is not a countdown list, but is divided by region instead.
Now for the promised unearthing of the roman grave. I hope that centuries from now, they unearth my grave -- and exclaim, "A tweed and bowtie combo! We had no idea they were so well-dressed!

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