Sunday, April 20, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

I've got about a bazillion things to do before the end of the semester, several of which depend on receiving other people's e-mails. So, in anticipation of having it all dumped on me at once, here's a rare Sunday edition of the Morning Medieval Miscellany, just so I can ignore such things for the next few days.
  • Decorabilia responds to my previous post on the medieval/modern mix in Brit Lit surveys.
  • Heavenfield's Person of the Week is St. Magnus of Orkney, who was executed by a cook. The post does not mention the tools of execution, but I like to think it was a poorly-prepared meal.
  • Medieval Material Culture has an update with several new posts of newspaper articles, as does News for Medievalists.
  • Quid Plura has a post on pilgrimage.
  • Derek Olsen has a post On Early Medieval Catechetical Narratives.
  • Michael Drout tells us that the Paris Psalter is ready on Anglo-Saxon Aloud.
  • The Medieval Term of the Week is hoardings ... but not the same meaning as that in the title of this blog. Of course, it would be cool to imagine that it was the same meaning, because then "wordhoard" would mean something like "Words expressed to enable medievalists to fire on men attacking the base of the culture." Yeah, that would be cool.

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