Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

This article I'm working on is taking nearly five times the number of days I budgeted for it. Dangit. Until I get it done, here are a few things for your consideration:
In case anyone cares, my chair broke in the middle of typing out this post, sending me flying backwards in a comic and undignified way. I will now begin taking up a collection for a new chair, and for my lost dignity as well.


  1. Hello Doc! Will you be at the Regional Medievalisms conference in Macon this October by any chance?

  2. I wasn't planning on it ... maybe I should. I assume from the question that you're going?

    The problem is that October is a big month for me on campus, so I'll have to see if it's possible.

  3. I will be! But no worries, I was just curious, since it's near your stomping grounds. I'm sure there will be plenty of future opportunities for seeing you at conference. I'm hoping that didn't sound stalkery.

  4. I *like* stalkers -- you know, unless they have sharpened hooks for hands, or boil bunnies, or obsess over my garbage, or force me to write books, or mail me their ears, or scream "if I can't have you no one can!" or use crazy-mad internet skills to watch me from my own webcam, or slaughter chickens at shrines set up to honor me, or try to take on my identity, or live under my bed, or perform unspeakable acts to voodoo dolls, or summon Nyarlathotep in my name, or bite off my finger to steal the One Ring, etc.

    Except for those kind of stalkers, I like stalkers. At least they have a hobby that gets them out for some fresh air.

  5. You must have so many mad stalkers walking away in disappointment because they just don't fit the bill. But worry not, I'm a grade-A, home-grown, regular old stalker. I might just write your name in a heart and paste it inside my locker.