Monday, October 06, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Woohoo! I'm back! I'm not supposed to be out of grading jail yet, with 21 midterms left to go, two plagiarism appeals to review, and several revisions/late papers from various classes, but I've escaped regardless. There's no grading jail in the world that can hold me! I'm the John Dillinger of grading! So, while I'm on the lam, here are a few medieval items for your pleasure:
All that wasn't enough for you? Here's September's Carnivalesque!

*How did I do on the quiz? Like Ray Winstone, I am Beowulf!


  1. Oooh! A thoroughly interesting Miscellany today :D

    Does that mean that you will die in an attempt to slay my serious academic arguments?

    Also, thanks for the linkage :D.

  2. Yes, I will die, but my fame will live on, and someday Robert Zemeckis will make a feature-length video game about me.

  3. And aspiring anglo-saxonists can play it and dream of defeating my terrible philological arguments!

  4. I will play that game only if there is a button that makes the character shout I AM NOKESOWULF.

  5. Yes, it's my real name, which is why I have to put "not Karma Lochrie" in my blogger bio.

    I wish I could be the John Dillinger of grading. Lately I feel like the Walter Mitty of grading. On bad days I dream of dying bravely in front of a firing squad.