Friday, February 06, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Karma here, with a tardy miscellany (in no particular order) for your skimming pleasure... (I don't know why I bother linking to my blog - I never post anything. Oh, for this last semester of coursework to come to a [happy] end....)

  • Wormtalk and Slugspeak explains why you -- yes, you -- need to think about sheep DNA more often.
  • Dame Eleanor Hull is going to the beach. I know this isn't exactly medieval news, but I'm cold, I'm tired of coursework, and I have forgotten what sunshine looks like, so I just felt a pang of jealousy when reading this.

Well, I am no longer in the mood to sit in front of the monitor after that. I'll catch you guys up on what the rest of the blogroll is up to soon. Now close your eyes and imagine the margaritas...

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