Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Last "Chivalry Today" Appreciation Package

One of my favorite podcasts is Chivalry Today. Each episode lasts about an hour, so I like to save them up for long car trips.

This season, Chivalry Today had their $10 Challenge, in which donors of $10 or more had a chance to win an appreciation package with all sorts of chivalry-oriented goodies. Donors of $100 or more got the package automatically.

The drawing was at the end of the last episode, and I wrote to Scott Farrell to ask if all the appreciation packages were gone. There is, as of this writing, ONE LEFT! So, the first person willing to donate $100 or more over the summer will get the one remaining package. It includes several books, a coffee mug, and a gift certificate for Historic Enterprises that can be used for Knight School or their products. As a satisfied Historic Enterprises customer, I'm sure you'll find some cool swag there.

Next season, Farrell will be running a contest called "The Nine Worthies of Chivalry Today." He'll ask listeners to send in suggestions of individuals they'd choose for an updated list of "nine worthies," which will be divided into three categories (just like the medieval "nine worthies"): modern, historical and fictional. (disqualifying names from the medieval list - so King Arthur and Charlemagne are right out.) He'll also be challenging listeners to send in $9, one buck per worthy.

According to Farrell, the first interview guest of the next season (on the Sept. episode) will be Prof. Jennifer R. Goodman, author of Chivalry and Exploration: 1298-1630, looking at how the legends of chivalry had a very strong influence on the Age of Exploration.

Oh, and in case you're wondering for all my shilling of Chivalry Today & Historic Enterprises -- no, I don't get a kickback.

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  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    No kickback, but thanks for the link, and glad to hear you're a satisfied customer! :-)

    Historic Enterprises, Inc.