Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Here's a Miscellany for your Wednesday morning. Since I'm writing this Tuesday night, and Leeds is ongoing, the Miscellany will be about 6 hours old when you can finally read it.
Hammered Out Bits has two posts on a glass bead making furnace. It's a cross-post from the Dark Ages Re-Creation Company blog. I knew of the existence of DARC, but not the blog, so I'm updating my RSS feed accordingly.


  1. Seriously, I expect a really nice plenary indulgence for watching these movies.

  2. I already watched In the Name of the King as a part of my annual "Worst Movie of the Year" jaunt with friends. Yes, I saw it on the big screen.

    As for Outlander, I didn't find it nearly as boring as the review linked here. I found it dark, in the literal hard to see meaning, but I found it to be an able story that entertained me.