Saturday, July 25, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Light (if any) blogging for the next few days. In the meantime:


  1. Ah, but my post has moved right on up the snail porn rankings since you posted this -- indeed, partly because you posted this! You just can't meta Google.

  2. Dr. Nokes,

    Lots of excellent info on your blog ... I'll be back!

    Of particular interest to me is the Ozark Medieval Fortress. We live only four or so hours away, so we'll *have* to visit this site after they open it to visitors.


  3. Thank you for posting a link to my blog about the Ozark Medieval Fortress. After seeing their project in France, I know it will become a major site for scholars and Medievalist devotees. The reverse engineering of castle building has proven to be quite informative to historians.

    Only this time, it will be on American soil.

    Hopefully there will be some universities interested in having their students perform internships at the site.

    Maybe yours?