Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Special Weird Medieval Treat

Jennifer Lynn Jordan at Per Omnia Saecula offers a special treat in addition to Weird Medieval Animal Monday: Weird Medieval Tribe Tuesday! Her first tribe is the Blemmyai or Sternophthalmoi.

I wonder if Scott Eric Kaufman is from this tribal ethnicity ... or does the face placement mean that they are not technically Acephalous?


  1. Scott, have you seen this essay about Lewis' Narnia Chronicles?

    Curious to see what you think.

  2. I know that previous comment looks a little like spam, but it's not. I thought you might be particularly interested because it deals with medieval astronomy/astrology.

  3. I'll look at it soon. I'm giving the keynote address at the Aereopagus Lectures at Florida Christian College in a couple of months, and my big speech is on the resonance of Christian myth outside/on the periphery of Christian culture, so I need to start thinking deeply about those issues.

    My other address, for those who care, is about the Hero Christ (the Dream of the Rood warrior-Christ) in medieval literature.