Thursday, February 07, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Feh ... I think I'll be out of town when the Wordhoard gets its 100,000th unique visitor. I was hoping to track it and send a free copy of my book to Mr./Mr. 100,000 but that looks like it won't be possible.

Speaking of the book, if anyone wants to review Global Perspectives for their journal, let me know and I'll pass your name, etc. on to the publisher.

  • The Heroic Age has an update with all sorts of conference announcements and calls for papers.
  • Will McLean notices something about Brits thinking all sorts of real people were fictional, and visa-versa -- some of the "correct" answers, particularly the medieval ones, are questionable. By the way, I've been looking online for the complete survey results. Does anyone know where to find them?
  • Scribal Terror has a link to a list of popular misconceptions about the Middle Ages. An oldie, but a goodie.
  • You too can become Charlemagne!
  • More on Mary (the mother of Jesus) from Heavenfield, and her role as a kind of catch-all saint in the Anglo-Saxon period.
  • Carl Pyrdum shows us what medieval doctors looked like (by which he means physicians, not the Doctors of the Church).
  • Cinerati tells of the new Age of Conan board game. The box says it has 150 pieces -- ha! Someone who has played Axis and Allies, I laugh at your mere 150 pieces!


  1. I do think that this might be the only blog to have "labels" for a single post containing "Virgin Mary" and "Conan." I'm just saying.

    As to the 150 pieces, Axis and Allies may contain 299 pieces, but that is dwarfed by the beauty that is...History of the World (at 700 pieces).

  2. I just located your interesting and amusing blog through Scribal Terror, whose blog I found when searching for "hipper" sources on medieval manuscripts for my art and design history students. So I've linked you to the slide list for this week (at in hopes that I'm not stepping on toes or anything. The post to which I've linked is the one about films on manuscripts, since mine are all graphic design and video students who like to learn through short movies.

  3. Scott,
    I'll need two review copies: one for me to publish somewhere and one for The Heroic Age. I'll send you contact info for both to pass on to the publisher.

  4. I have to say I love the Axis and Allies board game. I played that game non-stop growing up.