Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yes, I'm Ignoring You

I got back from the Aeropagus Lectures a couple of hours ago to find my e-mail box 97%+ full, and nearly 400 unread posts in Google Reader.

Therefore, unless you are a student, or had some unbelievably important-looking subject heading (such as "Re: Aaargh! My eyeballs are melting and only a blood transfusion from you can end the pain!"), I probably ignored your e-mail. After an hour of deleting every non-medieval heading in my Reader and still having well over 300 unread posts, I simply went down the list and hit "Mark all as read."

So, if there's some big news, such as the skeletons of King Arthur and Alfred the Great have been found choking one another over a 4th century Gaelic/Latin parallel version of Beowulf, along with a rough draft of Boethius II: How Philosophy Bummed Me Out, an admission from Saladin that he was secretly a Christian, a picture of CS Lewis karate-chopping JRR Tolkien, and video footage of Gary Gygax getting mauled by a lycanthrope SCAer ... well, I missed that news, and have no comment on it.

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