Saturday, July 26, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Now that I've wrestled control of the computer away from my children, here's a Miscellany for your weekend:
  • The Bitter Scroll has reposted five entries in their Gallery of Germanic Languages series: Old Saxon, Old High German, Old English, Old Norse, and Old Franconian. More old Germanic languages than you can shake a stick at -- if you're the sort of person who goes about shaking sticks at dead languages.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog now hath an extreme makeover.
  • Carl Pyrdum has an image of Gimli that's, well ... er, just go look at it.
  • The Heroic Age has an update with several new CfPs and such. This seems to be the season for CfPs, so if you're a scholar, you probably should keep an eye on the Heroic Age.
  • Stephanie Trigg has another post on the New Chaucer Society meeting, as does JJ Cohen.
  • Mary Kate Hurley has a beautiful post on "Believing The Wanderer."
  • The Medieval Garden Enclosed discusses milk thistle.
  • Along similar lines, Julie K. Rose discusses sapphire in the Middle Ages.
  • Steve Muhlberger offers his class two resources for the Crusades, including Crusades-Encyclopedia online.
  • Lingwe discusses the relationship betwixt the words "world" and "man."
  • The Medieval History Term of the Week is rectory. Every time someone says that word, I heard Beavis & Butthead snickering in my mind.
Finally, Steven Till also points us to an interview in which Christoper Lee discusses the possibility of playing Saruman again in the two up-coming Hobbit movies. I've embedded the video below.


  1. Delightful day it is when I can find a Dr. Who reference on a medieval blog.

  2. Um, Dr. Who reference? Guess I missed it, myself.

  3. I appreciate being included here in your Miscellany du jour; was there supposed to be an actual link in there somewhere? ;)

  4. Jason,

    Of course I did not forget the link -- how dare you accuse me of error?! A mistake?! ME?! Absurd!

    I thought that the unbelievable power of your post would draw readers psychically to your website.

  5. Hahae, nicely put. Well, at least any delay in getting the undoubtedly massive “Nokes bump” from appearing on your Miscellany has allowed me the chance to slip in an Old Low Franconian cognate that I discovered only after writing the original post. And yes, I do realize just how nerdy that sounds. :)

  6. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I don't remember Saruman being in the Hobbit story directly. :\

  7. He isn't directly. We are left to assume that when Gandalf goes off to drive the Necromancer out of the south of Mirkwood, Saruman leads that endeavor.

    Also, the plan is to have a second film that "bridges" The Hobbit and LotR.