Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

I hate doing one Miscellany after another, but I'm putting the finishing touches on about a half-dozen projects, so I don't really have the brain time to put together a substantive post. If I had any sense at all, I'd simply focus on one or two of these projects and finish them, but I've never been accused of having sense.
  • Jonathan Jarrett gnaws on one of his favorite old bones, feudal transformations. Make sure to look at the graphic he has lower in the post.
  • Mmm ... Marginalia is about boozing monkeys. This image shows that the things men find funny have not changed in at least a thousand years. Carl also has a picture of himself on the blog now -- sorry, ladies, he's already married.
  • Here's another report from the New Chaucer Society meeting, this time from someone who isn't a professional scholar. h/t JJ Cohen.
  • Jennifer Lynn Jordan links us to BBC7's audio Book of the City of Ladies Omnibus. It's about an hour-and-a-half long, and I haven't listened to the whole thing yet. It's a kind of dramatization, rather than an audiobook version of BotCoL.
  • Miglior Acque has a few thoughts on the books she's reading of late.
  • KA Laity has an image from the story of Judith portrayed in mantis art. Yes, mantis art. If the image on her page is too small, go here for the biggie. If you know the story of Judith and a little about mantis mating practices, you'll understand why this is appropriate.
  • The Swain returns to the discussion of the Worchester Fragment A from his proto-series, Medieval Literature I Didn't Know. Be sure to read all the posts and the comment threads.
  • It's Medieval Shark Week over at Quid Plura. The most amazing thing about the post is that I had no clue there was so much out there on medieval sharks.
  • News for Medievalists has several new items, including one on the Tale of Genji.
  • New Kid on the Hallway continues her book give-away. Grad students, get over there!
  • About a million other folks have linked to this: Stanley Fish whines about travel, and invokes medieval stuff like the Book of Kells in his complaining. I've got nothing to add, except to ask why people bother reading the New York Times anymore? Here is a page with links to beautiful images from the Book of Kells to act as a tonic to the NYT.
Also, there's a new site, Old Norse News! Adjust your blogrolls accordingly.


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Stanley Fish perplexes me more every time I read something by him. How on earth does someone so keen on not finding anything out or seeing anything new make a career in academia? By writing about it, and not any of its subjects, it would seem...

    Meanwhile, thankyou as ever for the link! Much appreciated after my hiatus. Had you noticed that What Would Wulfstan Do? has also updated, with crosswords among other things?

  2. I hadn't noticed, which is strange because I subscribe to the Blogo Lupi.

    I'm guessing it got washed away while I was traveling at had irregular internet access. I just printed out the puzzle ... it looks hard for a crossword puzzle novice like me.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Old Norse News. Argh -- the saga conference! Now I have to think about whether I can reconcile going to Uppsala with my increasingly tight budget...