Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Future of the Morning Miscellanies

I just found out that I'm teaching an overload this fall -- three freshman Comps, one World Lit, and one glorious Old English class -- and that I'm in the classroom by 8:30 at the latest every morning. My morning schedule on most days will look like this:

5:30 Get up and go for my "morning constitutional." I've decided not to call it my "morning run" any more, especially since I hurt my ankle and generally just walk it these days. It's now my morning constitutional, and lasts an hour.
6:30 Return home from morning constitutional.
7:20 Leave to take the kiddies to school.
7:50 Arrive at the University.
8:00 Teach
9:00 Office hours -- er, hour.
10:00 Teach
11:00 Teach

Notice anything about the above? No morning remaining! So, what's going to happen with the Morning Medieval Miscellanies?

I understand Blogger now allows us to delay posts, so what I'm going to try to do is write the MMMs at night, then release them in the morning. This will mean that the content of the Miscellanies will be about eight hours delayed. This also means that my own original posts will come out in the afternoons and evenings, rather than mornings.

Enough blog shop-talk. We now return to the Middle Ages, already (and still) in progress.


  1. Yet Another Lurker7:56 AM

    Well, thank goodness you haven't decided to off them altogether. Thanks for continuing to write them!

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    You could always post them a few hours later and re-dub them the "Mid-afternoon Medieval Miscellanies."

    And three Freshmen comps?!? Yikes. You might not have much sanity left after this semester.

  3. Scott,

    Wow! What a schedule!

    I for one though will join the others and say that I appreciate you publishing the Misc., whether it comes in the morn, afternoon, evening, or the dark of night matters not. Thank you for doing it!

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Yeah! I'm so glad you're going to continue writing these! I always have fun reading them, and you have a good sense of humor.
    Wheee! Freshman comp! I remember that class. I had people lining up after class to see if I could [basically] write their paper for them because they couldn't even make the subjects and verbs agree let alone do MLA citation. The funny moment was when the professor asked if anyone knew who the Anglo-Saxons were. My friend said that she was pretty sure that they were the ones who put the math books together (Saxon Math).

  5. Kitty iii, you made me laugh so hard I spewed diet Coke! You owe me a non-sticky keyboard!