Thursday, September 18, 2008

Medieval NPR

Regular readers of the Wordhoard know of my deep contempt for NPR, and my continued distress that it's the best radio signal in this town. My take on it is similar to Matthew's from News Radio:

Matthew: I finally understand National Public Radio.
Dave: You understand everything they say?
Matthew: No. I understand it's a bunch of boring crap masquerading as bourgeois intellectual discourse and therefore not worth my time.

Nevertheless, was that the medievalist Virginia Blanton interviewed in this piece? If so, I'd have preferred to hear a comparison between Palin and Æðelðryð. Also, why aren't there action figures of St. Æðelðryð?


  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Well, when I'm driving to work in the morning, it's either NPR or the "Rick & Bubba" show, and though I admittedly listen to both, I often find NPR to be slightly less politically charged.

    I swear, the day that Rick and Bubba started joking around that Barack Obama may -- just may -- be the Antichrist, I almost wanted to skip work just to drive to where they're broadcasting from so that I could find them and slap them.

  2. Well, Æðelðryð is kinda known for her INACTION, if you know what I what would an Æðelðryð action figure look like?

    Now Æthelflæd or Judith or even Juliana conquering her demon would be good actions figures. I always have this image of Æthelflæd as Lady Liberty in this painting, with of course Anglo-Saxons with swords, spears, battle axes etc instead of pistols.....

  3. I guess NPR is so benighted as not to care about Aethelthryth. That would be an interview worth reading.

  4. I'm still trying to figure out what an Æðelðryð INaction figure would look like.

    "Hey, kids, get the new Æðelðryð inaction figure! It does nothing! In fact, internal gyros make it impossible to pose anyway except standing! The clothing is painted on!"

    "Also, get the the new Ecgfrið doll -- press the button on his back, and he gets a very frustrated look on his face! Collect them all!"