Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning Medieval Miscellany

Ah, mornings, with all their miscellaneous medievaliciousness!
I'm running out the door now (Wednesday night -- this is a pre-scheduled post) to give a lecture on Tristan and Isolde (generally as a legend, not a particular version). My theme: Adultery is the best sex, at least as far as medieval lit is concerned. The theme is not to be taken as an ethical position!


  1. I'm very much hoping that "Feudal Transformations IX" will be the last for a long time, as my readership has shrunk significantly over the course of this set of posts. I should get back to claiming I don't write about sex directly!

    Also, I shall try and put my group's Leeds abstracts online as soon as I've got them all; that's a good suggestion.

    Thankyou for the links!

  2. Thanks for the promo! I should mention I am wearing my academic hat as well as my fiction writer hat for the con: defending academia's right to study literature -- yes, even (gasp!) genre literature!