Friday, April 17, 2009

Morning Medieval Miscellany

A few tidbits for you this Friday morning.
Acephalous asks for help on a medieval/Pan's Labyrinth question.
A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe tells us about Anselm Day at the Bodleian Library.
The Cranky Professor has a post about Giotto e il Trecento.
Henchminion has some comments about a marginal image on Got Medieval.
Magistra et Mater has a post about charters and Matilda of Flanders.
Want to go to grad school for medieval lit? You might want to read Papa's Secret Voodoo Boot's chronicle of the day in the life of a grad student in medieval lit.
A Stitch in Time has a post about a new book called Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns.
Studies of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages announces two new books: Cinematic Illuminations: The Middle Ages on Film (a great title), and Queer Movie Medievalisms.
Getting Medieval has a new poll.
Medieval Silkwork discusses some illustrations of a tool for winding yarn.
In the Middle plugs Levinas and Medieval Literature: The "Difficult Reading" of English and Rabbinic Texts.

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    Oops, I fixed that post to make the image show up and ended up reposting it entirely. It's now here: . Thanks for the link!