Friday, March 23, 2012

Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen Battle the Forces of Mordor

I have long feared that a certain unnamed pizza place famous among medievalists (one that I frequent in early May of every year *hint*hint*) would lose its identity to a copyright lawsuit, and this appears to be what almost happened to a pub called "The Hobbit."

Fortunately, Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen (the latter playing Gandolf in the LotR films and the upcoming film adaptations of The Hobbit) have agreed to pay the copyright license fee so the pub can keep its name.


  1. That place uses an actual attested first and last name though, and doesn't sell LOTR derived merchandise with the actors' likenesses on it.

  2. Wish I could have the chance of meeting them in person.

  3. Dr. Richard Scott Nokes thanks for this information