Sunday, June 19, 2005

Techie problems

I have been planning to blog for the last two days on the essential nature of art (i.e., that art serves an essential function, not what I think the fundamental nature of art is), but every time I log in I find that my password does not work. I use the "recover password" option and am able to change it, yet the next time I log in again, same problem.

At first, I assumed it was my error (such as leaving the caps lock down when entering the password, or some other simple slip of keystroke), but as it seems to have happened three times in a row, I'm wondering if perhaps there isn't some other technical problem, or worse yet some hacker. If any readers have experience with this problem, please let me know.

Just in case this is a prankster hacker problem, I want to reserve the right to disavow subsequent wacky posts in the near future. If readers come here to find that I have made vulgar statements regarding my own heritage (or that of my students, colleagues, or friends), please join me in cursing said prankster.

1 comment:

  1. Regarding password problems--it's more likely a temporary problem with Blogger's database; the database refuses to confirm the password, so Blogger assumes that it's a bad password, when in reality, it's a communication problem.

    If it happens again, and you've verified your passwords, try deleting Blogger's cookies in your browser, in case the problem is a corrupted cookie.