Monday, July 18, 2005

A Man's Gotta Have Goals

In a comment to this post about my first month of blogging, Scott Kaufman wrote:

"And best of luck on your next as-of-now-unmentioned goal."

Hmmm ... I actually didn't have another goal. I really started this blog because Dr. Gill over at Logoi Kai Erga suggested we do it together, and I've enjoyed reading Steven Taylor's blog. I set that secret benchmark for myself to make sure this was not a waste of my time. Beyond that, I suppose my goals were to try to say something interesting occasionally (the kind of thing I like to read in other blogs) and prevent blogging from interfering with my other writing. So far, so good, I guess.

Perhaps I should set another goal for myself -- something measurable yet meaningful. I'm too new to all this to know what a good goal might be, or even if a goal is desirable. Perhaps always striving for more hits or more links or more posts might get in the way of the original purpose of this blog, and merely become an electronic version of the faux-intellectual pundit one sees on news analysis shows. The goal "say smart stuff on a regular basis" seems foolhardy, since it would encourage me to imagine that I have smart thoughts on a regular basis; Mrs. Nokes can testify that my dumb ideas come with greater regularity than my smart ones.

Any input from readers or philograms (I love that new-word-smell) on potential goals would be welcome.


  1. pity "world domination" is already taken...

  2. You're thinking too small, mac! Galactic domination's the ticket, these days!