Saturday, September 24, 2005

Drout on Fire

I've got my ceiling fixed from Hurricane Ivan, and so now I have internet access at home again! Hooray!

Unfortunately, this also means that today I begin the process of returning my books to my study. Non-English professors (and English non-professors) probably cannot grasp the magnitude of that job.

As a result, I don't have time to blog about the various things on the air at the moment, so instead, I point you to Michael Drout's Wormtalk and Slugspeak. Drout has been on fire skewering academic mannerisms and asking pointed questions about literary scholarship.

[Editor's note: I just realized that the mixed metaphor of Drout being on fire and skewering conjures up images of a flaming fencer. I leave it up as an example of bad writing for my students. This is exactly what you should NOT do!]

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