Monday, September 05, 2005

Local Katrina news round-up

Both Blogger and Blogrolling are acting funny, so this round-up won't be as complete as I'd like.

A description of the Pike County relief efforts can be found in "Needs Being Met." Barry Lemoine (a writer who seems to have found a job writing for the Troy Messenger on Katrina-related matters) gives a first-hand account of dealing with FEMA in "Luz, FEMA, and Me." We get a report of a family from Biloxi living in the RV park (which is not as bad as it sounds ... it's a nice park) in "Hutchesons Survive in Home on the Road."

Up in Montgomery, "Churches Open Doors to Refugees" mostly talks about Frazer Methodist (for non-local readers, Frazer is a huge and influential church in Montgomery). We also read about a picnic near Auburn.

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