Friday, October 28, 2005

Correction: Buckyballs and Smart Paper

An anonymous poster offered a correction to my comments about buckypaper. He/She/It suggested that I had conflated the idea of buckypaper with smart paper.

Very likely the poster is right, since as I mentioned in the post I was recalling that application of buckyballs from years ago. I wanted to offer the correction up here, rather than letting it stay buried in the comments section.

So, if anyone else knows more about this topic, is the Gyricon Smart Paper what the poster is writing about? Was there speculation years ago about using buckyballs to make smart paper? And how long will it be until I can get my first smart book? My current books are all rather dumb.

By the way, in the comment, the poster called me a "humanitarian," presumably referring to someone working in the humanities. As my Civ IV post indicates, it is entirely inaccurate to refer to me as a humanitarian.

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