Friday, October 14, 2005

OK, one more short before grading papers...

This pair of articles on the front page of The Nation online puts the magazine in the strange position of tacitly advocating violence among left-wing college students, while explicitly denouncing right-wing college students for not being violent enough.

Me? I am against student violence, but in favor of faculty violence. In fact, I'm going to commit a metaphorically violent act against a freshman composition paper right now.

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  1. What I found interesting in the anti-YAF article was that they characterized YAF as openly hostile because they claimed the anti-war protests were sponsored by communists. His example was:
    "The top of the antiwar movement is led by communists, and I will call them that."

    I guess now wouldn't be the time to mention that The Nation's own David Corn said the same thing.