Thursday, October 20, 2005

A problem with online polls... that they are so frequently hacked. Unlike Bainbridge, who apparently has never seen the brain-corrupting influence of Time magazine on freshman composition papers, I suspect Time readers ARE dumb ... though whether many dumb people subscribe to Time, or Time dumb-ifies smart people who read it, I cannot say.

Regardless, as of this posting, the ranking system gives The Watchmen as #1, Snow Crash as #3, and The Catcher in the Rye as #14. Um, The Watchmen isn't even a novel (no, changing the phrase "comic book" to "graphic novel" doesn't make it a sub-genre of the novel; it's a sub-genre of the comic book); Snow Crash is a book I read when I mis-remembered the title of White Noise, and found it disappointing enough that it doesn't even belong in the "Top Rated Science Fiction Stories in Paperback for under $10 that Prof. Nokes Has Read on Accident" category; and The Catcher in the Rye is high on my list of books that should be banned because they encourage self-indulgence among already-obnoxious teens ("Society just doesn't understand me, man.")

Surely not even Time readers are this dumb. People readers, maybe. It must be a couple of guys sitting in cubicles hitting the "vote" button over and over.


  1. I'm still speechless and appalled at the list of books you'd gleefully ban. I'm sure I'll recover enough sense of humor that I can once again focus on what you just said...


    Does it mean I'm reading the wrong blog if some of my favorites were on there?

    Nonetheless, I can believe Time readers are that dumb.

  2. Mac,

    No, you are reading exactly the right blog. Perhaps you will learn the error of your ways and cast off those books full of unaesthetic evil. Perhaps you could join in the glee and add to the list, though?

  3. I love the idea of a "Top Rated Science Fiction Stories in Paperback for under $10 that Prof. Nokes Has Read on Accident" category. Sounds almost like a Letterman Top Ten List.

  4. I think you made synapses in my brain misfire with the link to Watchmen as the top novel.

    I am still reeling in agony.

    I must read The Iliad immediately, tough like the Watchmen it isn't a novel either.