Monday, January 30, 2006

Torie Hardee -- Not Evil

I finished my interview about blogging for University Public Relations with Torie Hardee a bit ago, and I asked if she minded if I mention her name here. She said she did not mind as long as I didn't say anything bad about her.

Therefore, let me state for the record that, to my knowledge, Torie Hardee is not evil.

Seriously, the interview was pleasant, and she seemed to have already spoken to Glen Gill and Steven Taylor about their blogs, so she was relatively well-informed.

I was surprised to learn about myself that I used the word "bloggy" to refer to something that had blog-like characteristics, and the word slid off my lips so easily that I didn't notice it until Torie Hardee (not evil) wrote it down. It's amazing how quickly this vocabulary has become part of my daily vernacular.

But, then again, what might I have said besides bloggy? Blogesque? Blogoric? Blogola?