Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tough times

As some of you know, I'm the faculty advisor for ISCO, the International Student Cultural Organization, which is essentially the club where international students and American students get together. It's a huge job -- I talked to a Troy staff member who was in ISCO some years ago, when there were only 46 international students on campus. Nowadays, if we hold an event and only 46 show up, we think it's probably a failure, since we've got hundreds of int'l students nowadays, and are pushing a thousand.

In violation of my own ban on Troy University related blogging, I thought I'd mention the losses we've experienced. In the last month, we've lost two international student who were active in ISCO -- one from Nepal in an auto accident, and one from Kenya to a health problem. Last night we held the memorial ceremony for our Kenyan student, and I could see that the double-whammy has taken a toll on our ISCO members.

It's hard, I think, for young people. They think they are immortal, and assume their friends are as well.

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  1. "a health problem": perhaps one that kills might reasonably be called an illness?