Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dorkafork & Me

You ever have someone who is not really your friend, but they seem to be friends with all of your friends? I don't mean that you are aquainted with them but don't like them; I just mean that you've somehow never had the opportunity to meet even though you run in the same circles.

That's Dorkafork to me.

I got a bit of traffic today from INDC Journal (which I had never heard of), and when I investigated I found that Dorkafork had posted a link there. When I saw the name, I recognized. I think ol' Dorkafork has commented here before, and I'm sure I've seen his/her/its name elsewhere. When I clicked on the link, I was taken to Dorkafork's blog (unsurprisingly called "Dorkafork"), and realized I had never been there before.

So, if you are reading, Dorkafork, hi there! I'll try to visit your blog occasionally myself. In fact, I'll even blogroll you.

[Yes, the pleasure I get from rolling the sounds of "dorkafork" around in my head made this otherwise pointless post worth it]

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