Sunday, February 05, 2006

Muhammad Cartoons

I guess we won't be seeing a Muhammad/Spider-man crossover comic soon, eh?

Seriously, though ... Gypsy Scholar has several recent posts worth reading, and be sure to check out the comments section. Protein Wisdom has a post that's been receiving a lot of attention (and has a very high level of lit/crit content), and let's not forget Al-Hiwar: Words Matter, the most relevant participant in TTLB's Academy community. Of course, there are many other people blogging on this issue, but these were a few I thought you should not miss.

One question, though. Now that I've seen the original cartoon, how did anyone know it was supposed to be Muhammad? I mean, it just looked like a dirty, bearded guy in a bomb/turban to me.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    To your last question...

    there was an article about how the author of a children's book about the Qu'ran and Mohammed had a hard time finding illustrators, who feared possible Islamic backlash.

    To go with the article, the newspaper made a call for artists to "draw Mohammed as you see him." Thus resulted the 12 cartoons.

  2. Actually, the riots were a result of some Danish Immams who took some fabricated pictures of Muhammad drawn as a pig.

    They incitied the violence.