Friday, March 24, 2006

Plagiarism Bad

I'm sick today, and therefore grumpy too, so I haven't the energy to say much about this story except: Plagiarism bad. Don't do.

Maybe in my next anti-plagiarism screed I'll include the example of Ben Domenech, with such witty comments as "I wonder if he'll endorse Joe Biden?" I just don't have the energy to work up a good enough anti-plagiarism froth today.

In an unrelated note,let me just add in my grumpiness that I've heard/read the two phrases "wisdom of crowds" and "speak truth to power" too many times this week. The next person who says either phrase to me is risking an eye gouge.


  1. Way to speak truth to power, I have found that the wisdom of crowds confirms you statement about plagiarism.

    You knew it was coming. I will now stand here in silence.

    [Boot to the Head!]