Friday, May 12, 2006

Chaucer, Making a Quick Buck

Geoffrey Chaucer, as many of you know, not only hath a blog -- he also hath a line of t-shirts.

Apparently, probably because this blog is super-awesome, Chaucer thinks there is a market for Unlocked Wordhoard apparel, as he is selling an Unlocked Wordhoard t-shirt.

I don't get any money from it, but it would warm my heart to see people wearing Unlocked Wordhoard t-shirts.


  1. Mon Cher Professor,

    The fyne and wel-ychosen name of thyn blogge did spurre my memorye, thogh ich did nat intende the shirte as an directe referaunce to thee. Ich dide seke to combyne a referaunce to the fyne poeme Widsyth and also to a shirte ich haue seen of oold that seyde 'dont make me get my flying monkeys.'

    Yf yt wolde plesen thee, ich coude take ydown the shirte, or make sum maner of message to clarifie to myn buyeres that the shirte ys yn no waye liverie of thyn affinitee. But syn thou art a resonable man and a gentil, ich do bette that yt bothereth thee nat ouermuch.

    Le Vostre


  2. As for the issue of moneye, if chaunce shal haue yt that we meet at a conferaunce (thou kan recognise me by myn brode sholdres, litel woolen hatte, and joviale expressioun), ich wille buye thee a drynke or thre.


  3. Icn do nat wisshe thee to take ydown the shirte, but a drynke (or thre) wolde plesen me.

    Magister Noakes