Friday, June 02, 2006

Bertrand Russell, Idiot

Bertrand Russell has always struck me as a Rorschach test -- people's reaction to him tells you more about them than about him.

It is undeniable, though, that Bertrand Russell was an idiot. The evidence is overwhelming. Consider this quote from Impact of Science on Society:
Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; although he was twice married, it never occurred to him to verify this statement by examining his wives' mouths.

Only an idiot would ask his wife to examine their teeth; this is a good way to get bitten. Your daughters you could examine without fear, and, in the right mood, perhaps your mistress. But your wife? Never. Just another example of why Aristotle is smarter than Russell.


  1. Anonymous12:40 AM

    In all seriousness, Russell didn't know a thing about Aristotle's circumstances, Russell just ASSUMED that Russell knew.

    Russell was overconfident to the point of hubris, and thus he attracts a cult of people who want good rhetoric to use while they throw their weight around.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I agree , Russel is indeed an idiot

  3. Ad hominem fallacy.